Property Rentals

Please note that some owners of two bedroom and three bedroom properties are willing to do a 1 bedroom rental. So if there is a property that you are interested in and you need just 1 bedroom please contact us.
Property Type: Number of Bedrooms:
Price Per Day: Location:
Anticipated Arrival Date: Property ID #:
  • Port Antonio, Downtown
    ID No.: 55456553
    Type: Vacation Rental
    No. of Person: 4
    This vacation rental accommodation is located in the quiet hills of Port Antonio but within... view
  • Port Antonio, Portland
    ID No.: 55456548
    Type: Vacation Rental
    No. of Person: 27
    This accommodation is located ten minutes away from the town area and is in close proximity to... view
  • Kingston, Pembroke Hall
    ID No.: 55456551
    Type: Vacation Rental
    No. of Person: 18
    This property is located in Pembroke Hall away from the hustle and bustle of Kingston with the... view
  • Montego Bay, Spring Farm
    ID No.: 55456545
    Type: Vacation Rental
    No. of Person: 8
    This villa nestles among two peaceful acres of gated tropical gardens of lawn, flowers, palms,... view
  • Port Antonio, San San Bay
    ID No.: 55456589
    Type: Vacation Rental
    No. of Person: 6
    This property has beautiful view of the Caribbean Sea and has that tropical relaxed atmosphere... view
  • Montego Bay, Salem
    ID No.: 55456554
    Type: Vacation Rental, Bed and Breakfast
    No. of Person: 15
    This accommodation offers 8 rooms and is located within the vicinity of a bar. The rental cost... view